Our Fees

We BULK BILL all patients with a current medicare card with the exeption of Dr. Mathie Chandrananth who charges a $10 gap fee for all patients over 16 years of age without a healthcare card or pension card. 

For patients without a Medicare Card  a private fee will apply:

Depending on the nature and length of your visit, the following fees apply to all patients without a medicare card. 

Short Consultation:                            $35.00 
Standard Consultation:                     $50.00
Long Consultation:                            $80.00
A gap fee varying from $30.00 - $50.00 applies  for all procedures performed at the clinic for patients over 16 years of age without a healthcare card or pension card. Such procedures includes:
                      * Surgical Procedure (eg. removal of sun spots and moles)      $30.00
                      * Plaster                                                                                               $30.00
                      * Suture Glue                                                                                       $30.00
                      * Suture                                                                                                $30.00
                      * IUD removal ONLY                                                                           $30.00
                      * Removal of Lesions                                                                        $40.00
                      * Iron Infusions                                                                                   $50.00
                      * Implanon insert/removal                                                               $30.00
Please note: If an Implanon is removed and a new one is inserted in one consultation, only one gap of $30.00 will be charged. 
Fail to attend or cancel a scheduled appointment:
If you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, please contact the clinic to cancel or reschedule. A $10.00 fee will be charged for all failed to attend or cancellation at short notice. This fee is not Medicare rebatable.
***All payments are payable on the day*** 


For your convenience the following payment types are available:

Cash | EFTPOS | Visa | MasterCard 

*Credit Card telephone payments accepted*